GraceWorkz has cut our costs by 46% and I'm still counting the savings from the complete elimination of our desktop printer service and replacement costs.
Mollie Tackett - ACA, TN

The GraceWorkz service plan is really unbelievable. When we had printer problems and the printers showed up at no cost - WOW! All the states are on this right?
Shannon Davis - ATF, CA

Thank you GraceWorkz for your professional, competent and, especially, quick turn-around service.
Mr. Bryan Bowman - AARP, OK 

GraceWorkz, I need to spend some money and thought who better with great products at great prices with great customer service.
WOC SFC Jeffrey Sayler - ARNG, ND

Thanks GraceWorkz, for the page count. Hard to believe you got that many pages. 3566 pages it's a record!!!!
Sid - AARP, AR

The quality of the printing is great, even in draft mode!! And -- your service is great!!
John Hughes - AARP, WI